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I am constantly looking to push my abilities and add to my skill set. This includes trying out new APIs and programming languages. Even revisiting older code to make it more efficient or increase performance. Below are some projects that have been completed and published.

Swipe Out

One of the first apps I worked on. Swipe Out started as a way to test custom gesture recognizers on the iOS platform. I eventually added a scoring system and a timer and it evolved into a simple mobile game that you can play on your commute or when you're bored.

I have added to it over the years and the most recent version of the app brought Game Center leaderboards, a UI redesign, and a new icon.

It is available for download on the App Store for both iPhone and iPad.


In the summer of 2020, I was approached by the Neuroscience department of Western University in London, Ontario, Canada to build an app for a study they were working on. The study consisted of participants appearing in person at the university to perform some exercise and then run a test. But after the Covid-19 pandemic this was no longer an option as they were no longer allowed to make participants exercise in their labs.

I was instructed to create an app that would test and record the participant's reaction times and accuracy of touching a target (Pro-Point) or touching the mirrored location of the target (Anti-Point).

The app provided valuable experience and my first exposure to working with a client to bring their ideas to life. I focused primarily on creating a smooth experience for the participants with the use of navigation controllers and intuitive animations. It was also my first application to include networking functionality. The app needed the ability to upload the data to a server that the researchers could access. I accomplished this by using an HTTPS POST request from the app that a PHP program on the hosting server would respond to. The PHP program would then verify and store the file on the server.

It is available for download on the App Store as part of an ongoing study conducted by Western University.

Hockey Wallpaper Website

Reddit user u/mattie_dancer makes mobile wallpapers for the 31 NHL teams (before the 2021 expansion). They needed somewhere to host these wallpapers in full quality as imgur and other hosting sites would compress the images and lower the quality significantly. I built them a simple website that would host and display the wallpapers by team as well as by month. When a user selects their team it will only load the most recent set of wallpapers initially, to save data. They then have the option to click a button to load the remaining wallpapers available for their team.

The website is hosted at wallpapers.matthewsacco.ca

This Website

And last but not least this website. This entire website was coded manually. From the HTML code to the CSS formatting to the JavaScript that handles the animations. It is meant to be a part of my portfolio that shows off my portfolio. Like everything that is featured on it, it will always keep evolving.